Our facilities

To enable the all round development of the students, the school provides following facilities

Stella Maris Public School

  • ICSE syllabus
  • Resourceful library
  • Updated computer lab
  • Indoor & Outdoor games

Stella Maris Public School

  • Different clubs
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Value Education Programme
  • Remedial Teaching

Stella Maris Public School

  • School Bus transportation
  • Education tours, picnics
  • Physical Education
  • Prayer Room

Monthly assessment and Terminal examinations are conducted which helps in continous and comprehensive evaluation of each individual. This system makes learning easy and interesting.

Extra curricular Activities

Education must be purposeful, decisive and all embracing. To develop the artistic talents of the students, dance classes are arranged. Physical education classes twice a week under the leadership of a well-trained faculty facilitate students' involvement in various sports. Training in games such as football, basketball and volleyball is also offered during these classes. The school also has a well lead band group. In order to awaken the sense of social commitment of students, various activities targeted at the well-being of the society as a whole are also undertaken by the school. Outreach programs including visits to hospitals, old age homes, orphanages and special schools are arranged. Poor fund collection is encouraged in order to extend a helping hand to the poor and needy.

Our school gives equal importance to Co-Curricular activities also, for the integral development of the child.

Skating: At our school, we glide into a world of fun and fitness with our exciting skating classes. Students roll with joy as they develop balance, coordination, and lifelong skills on the rink.

Dance: We groove to the rhythm of creativity with our dynamic dance classes. Students step into a world of self-expression, rhythm, and grace, discovering the joy of movement and storytelling through every dance step.

Karate: We empower students with discipline and self-defense skills through our invigorating karate classes. They learn not just to kick and punch but to build confidence and respect, one belt at a time.

Taekwondo: We offer exciting Taekwondo classes that promote physical fitness, self-confidence and discipline. Students discover the art of self-defense and martial arts in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Yoga: Yoga classes provide a peaceful and healthy space for students to improve their physical and mental well-being. Through the practice of Yoga, students cultivate mindfulness, flexibility, and inner balance.

House System:

To impart a healthy competitive spirit, to develop team work and to give training in leadership, a House System has been introduced. There are four Houses and each student must belong to a House and each House is headed by a Captain and an Vice Captain.

Club activities

The following are the various clubs functioning in the school.

Science Club

To develop, a general interest in science, inculcate scientific attitude and provide opportunities for training in scientific method , interest in scientific hobbies , habits of exploration and creative faculties. To encourage individual and group activities, To develop in children a sense of healthy competition. Stimulate active participation and initiative among students in learning process. Students get to keep in touch with the recent advances in science

Social Service Club

Social Service Club is intended to create awareness among students about their less privileged fellow beings and extend a helping hand to those who are in need. Students provide monetary and material help to the poor and the needy

Quiz Club Eco Club

Eco club aims at nurturing love for nature among students and make them feel the need to conserve it. Field Trips, Quiz Programmes and Film Shows give opportunity to students to know nature and be familiarized with the flora and fauna. Students are also provided grow bags to have their own vegetable garden.

Literary Club

To inculcate reading habit and love for literature among students the literary club conducts house wise Literary Competitions. Various programmes like Recitation, Role Play, Speech, Extempore, Essay Writing, Picture Description, Poetry Writing, Spelling Mania, Story Telling and Story Writing are held in fixed venues by the language departments.

Exhibitions are conducted as a part of the different club activities and prizes are awarded for the best exhibits.


Socially Useful Productive Work may' be describe as purposive, meaningful manual work resulting in either goods or services which are useful to the community. The objective of SUPW is to inculcate a positive attitude to team work and to socially desirable values like self reliance ,dignity of labour , tolerance , sympathy , co-operation and helpfulness. The school has designed a set of programme for the successful implementation of the subject.During the SUPW classes, students are trained in making various useful craft items. An exhibition of the various items crafted by the students is also organized every year.

School Band:

Our School Band comprises of 20 students with side drums, euphoniums, drums, trumpets and saxophones. These students are studious and vigilant during the morning Assembly. They are also very active when special programmes are conducted especially when they are ready to receive the Chief Guests.

Tours and picnic:

Study tours provide academic awareness and is conducted for all classes to expose the students to the knowledge of nature. It will help them with the real life experience which will leave an indelible imprint in the minds of the children. Students are taken on trips to places of educative and recreational ambience.

School Magazine:

The School releases a school magazine every year which showcases the creative, literary, imaginative and artistic skills of the students. It is a reflection of the cumulative effort and teamwork of the students and teachers aiming at perfection.


Days of national and regional importance are celebrated in the school with active participation and involvement of the staff and students. We celebrate Independence Day, Teachers Day, National Literacy Day, Onam, Christmas, School Day, Sports Day, Art Festival and Annual Day in a befitting manner.

Other activities include

The following are the various other activities in the school.

Health Care:

To maintain the general health among students comprehensive yearly checkups by specialists are arranged.

Orientation Programmes

For Students:

Students are given orientation classes periodically on various topics like career guidance, communication and life skills etc. to prepare them to face the world with a smile.

For Teachers:

Orientation Programmes are conducted to initiate the teachers in updating their teaching learning process. Eminent educationalists, experts in educational psychology and inspirational speakers are invited to share their views and motivate the teachers to make them equipped for the academic sessions.


The school maintains a healthy relationship with the parents by our Parent Teacher Association. PTA functions are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, which allows you to build a rapport and discuss issues that are on your mind. It is because of parents' ideas that PTA seeks out information, tools, and presentations that are at the forefront of our kids' lives. The PTA Executive Committee compromises of PTA President and the elected committee members. The support, co-operation and encouragement given by the PTA is remarkable.

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